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Full Day Program

Annual whole day childcare is offered to children from ages 6 weeks to 4 years old in our ChildCare Learning Center Program. Classes are organized by age into groups which may vary according to numbers:  Infant Room (ages 6 weeks to 9 months), Crawler Room (6 months-12 Months), Toddlers (12 months-24 months), 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4 year olds. Children must reach the age of the class they are entering by September 1st of the enrolling year. Our new hours are from 7:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to help support our working mothers and fathers. Children ages 2 through 4 enrolled in the CCLC are involved in a preschool curriculum during the morning hours. CCLC consists of morning and afternoon snack, lunch, nap, and supervised play.

  • Infant: $195 a week

  • Crawler: $195 a week

  • Toddler: $190 a week

  • Two: $180 a week

  • Three: $170 a week

  • Four: $170 a week

*Each child must reach the age of its class by September 1st.   

          Our classrooms are equipped for hands-on learning. The curriculum is selected to guide your child toward developmentally appropriate learning.  We place a strong emphasis on spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social development. Children learn and play through structured activities and centers that encourage their development in these areas.   Our staff is made up of dedicated individuals who love children and love to teach. 

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